Investment Management

Hines manages many investment funds with diverse strategies based on development enterprises and building portfolios of completed property in all of its markets.

Since 1991, Hines has launched and managed 57 such investment funds for institutional and private investors, each time acting as one of the investors. Moreover, the firm has organized two investment programs for individual clients in the public market in the United States. The funds collected from the investors within these programs amount to USD 21 billion, with the value of investments in real estate totalling USD 43.9 billion.

Hines Advantages

Alignment of Interests

Our decisions are guided by decades of experience and a focus on what’s best for the Client. We co-invest alongside our partners, guaranteeing that the assets are selected in a responsible way so as to achieve the best financial results possible in the given market and time.

Market Analysis

Our Boston-based Proprietary Research Group analyzes macroeconomic developments and trends across global markets, issuing recommendations to inform the firm's investment decisions.

Local Expertise

Hines’ presence in 219 cities in 23 countries provides a base of local knowledge and operating expertise that provides the basis for our competitiveness in the investment market.

Integrated Services

As a global fiduciary and a local operator, we achieve our goals thanks to the integration of many areas related to real estate manages within the Hines team. This allows us to ensure the quality of the provided services and guarantee that each stage of the investment or development process provides our Clients with maximum value.

Funds managed by Hines which have been the source of capital invested in Poland:

Emerging Markets Fund I (EMF I)

Hines International Real Estate Fund (HIREF)

Hines Russia & Poland Fund (HRPF)

Hines Poland Sustainable Income Fund (HPSIF)

Hines Global Income Trust (HGIT)

Hines Global REIT (HGREIT)

Hines European Value Fund (HEVF)


Apart from working with funds managing by Hines, the firm implements development and investment projects in joint venture with large international players. Within this formula, we have been developing the following facilities in Poland:

  • Apartamenty Impresja – a housing project in Warsaw, completed in 2008,
  • Apartamenty Novum (stage 1) – a housing project in Kraków, completed in 2015,
  • Apartamenty Novum (stage 2) – a housing project underway in Kraków, completed in Q4 2019,
  • Novum (stage 3) – housing project underway in Kraków, construction scheduled to begin in Q4 2019.

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