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Arboretum is located at Łukasińskiego 4, near Łódź's main promenade—Piotrkowska Street. One of its major advantages is the proximity of the Dąbrowskiego Park and the park at Lecznicza Street, which enhance their surroundings thanks to their natural features.

The site used to be occupied by a factory owned by Aleksander Schicht with a unique brick facade in the Art Nouveau style. In order to respect the past and preserve the identity of the location, two walls of the demolished factory have been restored and made part of the structure of a residential building. The use of clinker brick and steel is a reference to the historic look of industrial Łódź.

Arboretum comprises 315 apartments of various sizes and 319 parking spaces. Non-standard story heights, large windows, balconies and terraces offer a wonderful view on the nearby parks. The exceptional design is complemented by the functional finishing of common areas and a green courtyard with a playground.

The building was commissioned in April 2012.

  • ul. Łukasińskiego 4

    93-172 Łódź

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